Glastonbury 2015: Mood vampires wrong – just as good as ever!

I would like to offer you a warning if you are on your way to Glastonbury 2015 right now.  You will have been warned about thieves, people selling stuff you shouldn’t take and all the usual things you need to know whenever you go somewhere there are a lot of people.  What I must warn you of, however, is absolutely unique to Glastonbury:

“Remember the good old days of Glastonbury?  Of course it wasn’t called that then, it was called the Pilton Pop Festival.  It was much better then of course…” – WARNING!  This is classic deception.  Read on…

“It was completely different back then.  It’s all changed now.  Its all students and wannabe new agers…”  FINAL WARNING!  If this beast has successfully reached into your heart with their affable opener and have set themselves up as a festival-going-legend-come-veteran – someone a person exactly like you would be downright proud to add to your Glastonbury experience,they are already part the way through their wicked deed.  Here is some advice…

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What to listen out for What you must do
“It was a different experience then, it was all new and fresh” Remember this is a person who no longer enjoys anything and cannot appreciate why you are so happy.  Tip: Start a conversation about the conceptual entity of new (or some such), they may run.
“Pilton, as it is really called, always used to have cool acts, not like Kanye or whatever” Yep. In the past festival goers have tolerated complete unknowns like Marc Bolan, David Bowie, The Cure…legends of their time and still…just like the acts you get on any year. Tip: Be kind and humour them

And about the name…the organisers could call it Brian and that would be its name. It’s called Glastonbury (get over it). These people have reached the age where they call shops in their town by the names they knew as a child.   Tip: Keep this opinion to yourself

“Its all students and wannabe new agers these days…” Travellers aside, Glastonbury has always had students, new agers (wannabe’s and whatever the alternative is) and pretty much everyone else. That is one of the great things about it.  Tip: Dont let the irony of a relative old timer telling you this pass you by

If by now you haven’t realised, your instinct should be to run or confront.

My best advice is do neither.  Have a nice chat and then move along.  Essentially, embrace the festival spirit.  My warning is quite simple however, do not let this beast steal a piece of your soul.  This is your Glastonbury.  Just like it was for them, this is your moment.

Who knows, one day in the future you might find yourself at some obscure bar at Glastonbury reminiscing about how awesome 2015 was and how it has never been the same since.

Have a great time and be safe.